Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stephen Anderson Explodes To Pro- Guns: "How many more kids will die before something is done?"

Stephen Anderson has been one of the most vocal people in the past few months calling for stricter gun control laws in the United States, and has clashed a number of times with pro gun guests. Friday night Anderson seemed to have been fed up  the pro-gun arguments. He was very vocal on his show last night and demanded to know what, after shootings at a movie theater and a temple and an elementary school all in the same year, will finally get the pro-guns crowd to accept that the U.S. needs more gun control laws.

Anderson asked guest Sean Forsyth exactly why a kindergarten teacher needed to buy three guns, in her house, especially when she had a “clearly deranged son” in the house. Forsyth tried to explain the reasoning he felt behind it, but was interupted by Anderson. "At what point do people say this is enough?"

As the two talked, they seemed to agree that something needs to be done. Anderson who has heard all the arguments, "If the kids were armed, this would have never happened."

This set off Anderson again, and said that he’s getting tired of having to hear the same arguments every time there’s a mass shooting, arguing that more guns would lead to more bullets and more people getting killed. After a bit of heated debate, Forsyth interjected to point out every other industrialized nation has reasonable gun control laws and they all have significantly fewer deaths by gun violence than the United States.

"Stop telling me the answer is more guns... how many more kids have to die before something is done about this?"

Anderson closed the segment by making it clear people should not be afraid to speak out, and told Forsyth that there will be a gun debate on his Sunday show and to join him then.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stephen Anderson, Brittany Tucker, Clash on Guns

Political blogger Brittany Tucker and Stephen Anderson battled over gun control and the 2nd Amendment. The debate focused mainly on whether or not President Obama should make gun laws more stict, and both Anderson and Tucker wholeheartedly disagreed on the subject.

“If there is a massively incrase in guns and deaths in the U.S., how will strict gun laws hurt this even more?” Morgan pressed Tucker. “Explain to me.”

“The people with guns are hurting people,” Tucker replied. “The question is if we make the laws more stict will the real criminals have guns and make it more simple for them to get it.”

He continued: “So the idea that you are saying let's make gun laws more stict and stop the shootings is so dumb.”

Anderson interrupted, asking Tucker to explain how we just saw shootings in Colorado, in a temple, and colleges across the country. “How do you explain that we’re getting so many of these freakish patterns of shootings and people are just sitting there and doing nothing?”

“You’re looking at poor evidence,” Tucker shot back: “This is now a pattern but a pattern that is controlled. We are seeing less shootings in the past year than ever before if you don't count the recent ones.”

“The world is getting scary,” Anderson answered.

“This will be the highest shooting year in recent memory and you say there aren't that many in the past? I got to disagree with you,” Anderson said.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Top Radio Shows In Q1 Were.....

     June has nearly come and gone and things have changed. One of those things is that Pod Omatics’s "All American” is the number one podcast in both total listeners and monthly listeners. "American" led all, and of course POM, in both categories last month.

Podbeans’ “William Garza” placed ninth and 14th in total listeners, making it the top non-POM program in both categories, and leading the station.

“Stephen Anderson Now” which was renamed this month was the top BTR show in total listeners, placing 15th overall, while “Within The Hour″ was the top BTR show in the Q1, placing 16th.

As usual, “Weekly Diah” was the top program on RSC, placing 25th overall in total listeners, and 28th in Q1.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Friday Night Ratings: Adelina Cortez Beats William Garza

On Friday night, BTR’s Adelina Cortez beat out PSR’s Will Garza in listeners. Garza himself was out that night, leaving a fill-in to run the show.

It’s also worth noting that Friday night’s ratings were dominated by coverage of Jerry Sandusky‘s trial.